Void Trader (Baro Ki’Teer) & ducats farming – good way of getting Free platinum Fast

Void Trader (Baro Ki’Teer) & ducats farming – good way of getting Free platinum Fast

Alright, time to talk a bit about the so called “Void Trader” of Warframe also known as Baro Ki’Teer.

Who is he?

This guy visits with regular intervals and every time he does he stays for 48 hours. He travels the warframe world and brings back exclusive items to trade with the players of Warframe, most popular items he brings back is Primed mods and rare mods that can be traded for a lot(!) of platinum on the market once obtained from him – or used to supercharge ones own weapons, warframes etc.

Where can he be found?

When the Void Trader arrives nowadays you usually get both an in-game inbox message as well as notification in the navigation hub pointing you to the Relay Station he has surfaced at.

When does he arrive?

The Void Trader arrives every two weeks and can be tracked on warframe.wikia.com to more exact times.

What are “ducats”?

Ducats are the Void Traders very own currency used to trade with him to get the items he brings back. Ducats can be obtained by trading in prime parts in the console to the left of where the Void Trader is stationed in the Relay Station.

Different prime parts are worth different amount of ducats, some 45, some 15, some 25 and in rare cases you might even be able to get 100 ducats(!) for a prime blueprint.

Prime parts worth in Ducats table

There is a table available at warframe.wikia.com where, if you scroll down to “ducats” you can see “View sellable items and prices list” which will bring up the prime parts worth in ducats table. It’s quite huge so I feel its easier to refer to their table than to simply reinvent the wheel a second time for no apparent different reason.

Strategy to get rich on platinum with help of Void Trader

Basically the Mods that the Void Trader brings are usually not brought with him two times in a row which makes buying a bunch of Primed mods – or rare mods that are very useful and attractive for players in general will be worth so much more platinum after the inflation when Void Trader have left and if you give it some time.

I once earned 500 platinum per Primed Continuity because Void Trader hadn’t brought it with him for a few months :) Great way to earn platinum easily and guranteed. Patience is its own reward in the end :P

Make sure to farm up good amounts of credits before Void Trader arrives – as well as “crappy” prime parts that can be exchanged for ducats since mods usually cost 150-175k credits per mod as well as 350+ ducats per mod.

Tips N Tricks to get Ducats in exchange for small amounts of platinum

On warframe.market (if you do some research) you will be able to find that many of the prime part blueprints that can be exchanged for 45 or more ducats are sold for barely any platinum at all – which sometimes can make for the argument that it might be worth giving some small amounts of platinum for these parts on market – before Void Trader arrives to stack up ducats cheaply and without the hassle of having to farm a lot. Look at it as an investment for the potential prices you can sell the mods you buy from the Void Trader after the inflation has dissipated after Void trader left.

Ducats farming

Have tons of Relics, then go run through capture missions, exterminate and other fast mission type variations to get most relics in shortest timespan before Void Trader arrives.

What prime parts to exchange for Ducats?

This is a personal strategy of mine but it has worked wonders so far :) Basically all prime part blueprints you get from Relic farming that are valued at 5 plat or less on warframe.market – you exchange for ducats instead, everything worth 10 plat or above, sell for plat – for me this feels more worth it this way.

Of course there are a few exceptions to this rule of thumb, for example if you consider 100 ducats be worth more than 10-15 plat that a prime part blueprint might be worth on warframe.market, you might prefer to sell it to Void Trader for the Ducats so that you can get something you really need that in the longrun is worth way more to you than a measily 15plat. Or if those 100 ducats or whatever might be the rest you need to purchase a mod that will in a few weeks be worth over 150 plat.

Good choice picking ducats then I think you might agree :P

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