Dragon keys and Vault runs in Warframe

Dragon keys and Vault runs in Warframe

Alright so you’ve probably heard a few people in Warframe mention so called “Vault runs” and maybe wondered what these are? We will try and explain it for you with this article.

What are “Vault runs”?

Vault runs is a specific way to do certain Orokin Derelict missions in order to get whats known as “Corrupted mods”. Corrupted mods are those mods with 1 positive and 1 negative effect, for example Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, etc.

If you ever checked these mods out in warframe.market, you will also know they are worth a lot of platinum, and that’s why this type of “farm” is a good way to earn some quick platinum(!).

But it’s not without some work needed to put into it.

How to do Vault runs in Warframe

To do Vault runs in Warframe you need 2 types of keys, Orokin Derelict keys for Exterminate and Capture – as well as so called “Dragon keys” and preferably a full team of players.

Orokin Derelict keys have their blueprints sold at market for credits, and require nav coordinates to be crafted among some other common resources Рthe blueprints are re-usable. The keys Рafter having been crafted will grant the player access to a new Planetary node known as Orokin Derelict which is a sort of Infested-overrun Orokin planet.

When you access Orokin Derelict Capture or Exterminate (I prefer exterminate due to a fixed amount of enemies) – you will be looking for a “Vault door” – it will be easy to see due to it having a “Dragon key/Hobbled key” Lock on it restricting you from accessing the room that hides beyond it.

Once the Vault or the Room has been found, you will mark it using default key “G” on PC or what-have-you, and signal your teammates to meet you there, once they arrived, you check what key is required to open the door and the player who has the key will open the room up for everybody by consuming the key he brought with him in his Gear panel.

Once in the room you will see a big white excalibur prime statue with his hands out-stretched– and inbetween his hands will be an artifact. When you remove the artifact from the room, Lotus will warn you that the artifact is interfering with the players warframe and give a penalty based on the dragon keys to the player who picked up the artifact. After exiting the room all enemies will be corrupted enemies trying to stop you.

Dragon Keys

There are 4 different types of Dragon keysblueprints for each and every one of these can be obtained from Orokin Lab in a Clan Dojo.

One of the keys is called “Bleeding Key” and gives the player equipped with it -75% Health.

Another is called “Decaying Key” giving -75% shield to the player holding it.

The third key is called “Extinguished Key” and will cause player holding it to deal -75% damage.

And last but not least, last key is called “Hobbled Key” and will cause player holding it to have decreased speed with -50%.

All of these keys cost Void Traces to craft and the player opening a Vault door will have his Key be consumed.

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