Sculptures and Stars in Warframe – What are they?

Sculptures and Stars in Warframe – What are they?

Alright so Sculptures is a fairly “new” resource that was added to Warframe in combination with the replacement of the old fusion system and introduction of Endo to upgrade mods with.

Where to find Ayatan Sculptures?

Sculptures can be found randomly in plain sight, as well as from lockers and containers – but are also available as reward from certain missions. And can also be guaranteed from a weekly mission you can go and get from Maroo at Maroo’s Bazaar.

I have made an article where you can find a helpful youtube clip for how to complete these weekly missions.

Purpose of Ayatan Sculptures

Every sculpture is worth a certain amount of Endo and can be traded in at Maroo’s Bazaar – OR if not in need of endo, do what I do, decorate your ship with them xD They make for badass decoration in my opinion – makes one feel like a king in his own ship :P

Each Ayatan Sculpture (there are 7 different at the moment of writing this 13/1-18) have a base-value its worth in Endo, but this value can also be increased by adding Stars!

Warframe wiki have a good coverage of the various sculptures and their worths in Endo if you’re interested in learning more ;)

Ayatan Stars

There are two different type of Ayatan Stars, one yellow (rare and more valuable endo-wise) and one blue (more common, less valuable). These Stars can be found from caches in missions randomly – so make sure to destroy those caches :P

The purpose of Ayatan Stars is to be equipped to sculptures in the ships Mod-segment where they will then increase the total worth of a Sculpture.


NOTE: Apparently it seems that both Ayatan Sculptures as well as Ayatan Stars can be traded with other players, which might be useful to keep in mind if you ever in need of a few thousand endo quickly. And they are fairly cheap on as well so have at it :P

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