Trading rules & How to Trade in Warframe

Trading rules & How to Trade in Warframe

Trading in warframe is one of the most important features, since it allows you to trade items you have looted or been rewarded on missions with other players in exchange for either other items or platinum(!).

This is especially important since platinum otherwise is an exclusive pay-to-get in-game currency, and platinum really can help and speed up the progression through the game by for example helping with purchase of rare mods or purchase of strong weapons to help easier complete missions or participate in farms etc.

Requirements for trading in warframe

Trading in warframe requires a minimum of Mastery Rank 2.

If you are attempting to trade (as in buy) Primed mods – there is a requirement(!) of 1 million (1’000’000) credits PER MOD as a tax to get it from another player.

What to trade?

In warframe regular blueprints or parts CANNOT be traded, ONLY: prime part (blueprints), platinum, syndicate weapons and all kinds of mods as well as relics, some types of key components  required to access certain key-restricted areas (mutalist alad v nav coordinate), ayatan stars, sculptures, lenses and some other stuff.

Where to trade?

Usually you can trade via Trading posts in Clan Dojo’s – you can ask the player you are trading with if you should invite them or if they invite you. If you however don’t have access to a trading post, Warframe developers added a relatively “new” planet node called “Maroo’s Bazaar” on Mars which is a dedicated Trading relay for those who do not have access to a dojo or trading post.

If you are using Maroo’s Bazaar for trading, once you get there you should be able to press Q (default for PC) for gear and choose “set-up shop” in the top-right corner, or go to someone who already have set-up a shop with items for sale you have interest in to trade with them and press “X” key on PC to interact with them.

Items for sale on Maroo’s Bazaar usually are visible over players heads.

Restrictions when trading

Trading is restricted to one time per mastery rank PER Day – it increases as you advance in mastery ranks.

Up to five items can be traded at the same time and for every trade a “tax” of credits is usually required to complete the trade. The tax is adapted based on the items being traded – for example trading Golden mods will have a higher tax for trading than in comparison for example Bronze or Silver mods.


So now that you know all this go forth and trade as much as you can muster for them juicy plats ;P!



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