How to EXP Farm in Warframe

How to EXP Farm in Warframe

Alright, so EXP (or Experience/mastery rank points) farming can be done in many different ways, many people in Warframe think Berehynia on Sedna is great EXP Farm – this is what they call “ber(e)” in Recruit chat.

How to Farm EXP in Berehynia on Sedna

Berehynia is an interception mission much like how Draco used to be for those of you who played Warframe back in the day when Draco was THE thing for EXP farming :)

It works much the same way, only that the “arena” or mission environment is a bit different, tactics remain the same though.

And for all of you who never did such an EXP farm before, I will explain the tactics thoroughly in this article, hopefully when you’re done reading through it, you know exactly whats up when doing Berehynia for ultimate EXP farming experience ;)

Roles when farming in Berehynia

Alright so let’s start off with Roles that players can and should have when farming EXP in berehynia – basically there is one role optimal for farming Focus – which is the DPS, and three roles that get EXP all over – weapons, warframes, everything.

DPS – Focus points farming

In Berehynia you will want to have a DPS (which stands for Damage per second) Рand in this particular case refers to a warframe that can provide good damage output in a huge range as fast as possible.

Viable DPS warframes that I’ve personally encountered so far have been the following:

  • Mag
  • Banshee
  • Equinox
  • (Excalibur – I went as RJ Excalibur¬†(RJ = Radial Javelin build) once, worked like a charm :P – positioning crucial though)
  • Saryn

Different DPS warframes give a different Berehynia experience, usually its left up to group leaders personal preference based off of previous experiences – what they liked the most.

There might be more than these, but for now these are all I, myself, have encountered that could actually perform and do the task properly. Some more efficiently than others – this of course has to do with individual players modding as well as behaviour of the players you go into Berehynia with. If all know what to do in best way possible, numbers might be easier to analyze, “unfortunately” people can behave differently, causing such statistics to be somewhat hard to acquire unless you are premade with a group of players you can be sure that they know what they are doing :)

I personally tried Excalibur as mentioned above with a build opted for Ability range and Ability strength – but there is a potential problem with excalibur compared to the other alternatives, and that is that Radial Javelin does not damage enemies through objects and terrain – so for example if enemies are hiding behind walls – they might not be affected by the damage – and the environment of berehynia is a mountain formation with a lot of obstacles and rocks in the terrain. Just so you know – but it worked out great when I played it for 2 rounds – so it can definitely work :)

If you go as DPS into Berehynia you basically channel all of the experience received from kills into your warframe which makes it the perfect tool to farm the Max Daily Cap for Focus points per day by equipping a lens (preferably greater one to increase Focus point gain) to the specific warframe you can use as DPS in Berehynia on Sedna.

EV (Trinity) – Energy sustain

An EV is usually prefered due to the massive amounts of energy that will be consumed by the DPS – without it a lot of “pizzas”/energy squad restore might have to be used resulting in unecessary spendature of resources.

Since Trinity won’t be killing anything the affinity or experience will be divided up inbetween warframe and weapons and other things that will soak it up (pets and their weps included).


Buffers are helpful in Berehynia to boost the damage output of the DPSRhino usually makes for the best buffer that I’ve seen so far – or at least the most common one for sure. This might have something to do with the fact that a Buffer Rhino can boost all party members damage of ALL sources with up to nearly 170% if not more.

Buffers will also get somewhat evenly divided EXP gain on all brought items in Berehynia, Sedna.

If there is no CP Leech in the team – two buffers of different types might be an option to boost damage output further – or perhaps a speed nova to increase enemy speeds and make them die faster – not sure about this one though – not yet tested it myself :)

Viable buffers that I could think of would be Rhino of course, but also probably Volt and Frost since they both have augmentation mods to make their 1st ability “Buff” ally that is targeted to increase their damage with either Electricity or Cold (not sure if this works for abilities that are used by DPS but you can sure try :P).

CP Leech

CP Leech stand for Corrosive projection wielding low-ranked warframe. Basically this role is for players who want to level up low-level warframes and to be useful in any way at all – one of the things they are responsible for is making their low-level warframe into a “CP Leech” which means equipping Corrosive Projection Aura mod (which stacks with other party members as well) so that enemies get less armor and thereby dies faster – helping out the entire team by possibly getting more kills faster as a nice gesture towards teammates for bringing them along.

Another responsibility of CP Leech – since it’s virtually useless in the actual mission is to – at least try to – neutralize C “tower” (in interception missions the nodes that can be captured usually is refered to as towers) until the team has a slim lead over enemies by as few percentages as possible 1-2% usually is more than enough to maximize exp gain for the mission rounds – you want it as evenly as possible so it takes as much time to finish as possible and gives as many enemies as possible because of it.

I have tried doing this as a CP leech myself many times – but if I also brought with me low-level weaponry to level up simultaneously as I was CP leeching to level up a low-rank warframe, I sometimes needed to ask the Buffer for help neutralizing (white color“in-between captures” is what neutralizing means -owned by neither the team, nor enemies) since I knew he/she is also usually just standing in the mission when not actively buffing, doing not much at all. Usually if a Rhino is buffing the buff lasts around 20-40 seconds, depending on their Ability duration modding. While the buff is active they could actually help out if neutralizing C cannot be done by the CP Leech alone if they are nice and willing to help :)

Remember when neutralizing C tower that you may want to hug the wall closest to the team to actually be in range to receive the exp from all the kills while neutralizing – too far away and you might miss out a bit.

Another responsibility that I, myself, think is appropriate for those wanting to be CP leech and probably the best way of actually being a CP leech in Berehynia to receive warframe exp – is to organize and put together a team to go there yourself. This way you are guaranteed a spot on the team and since you are the one running the show, there is no doubt that you deserve to be there – organizing is an appreciated effort by others as well – so lessens the uselessness quite a bit :)

Organizing Berehynia teams is quite easy since many people constantly are writing in Recruit chat to be part of a Bere team – just find an EV, a Buffer and DPS and you’re set to go no questions asked :)

It might help though that you know a bit about the roles required to be played for optimal performance in Berehynia because this way you know when people want to join what to ask for and also if people that wants to join – actually know what they are doing – its like with anything else – it helps to know a little about what you’re about to do – in all different angles to do a all-around better completion of a task :)

Tactics to EXP Farm on Berehynia

Alright, so let’s go through some of the general tactics when in Berehynia doing the mission.

Main objectives of this mission to be most efficient

This is to ASAP capture Nodes/Towers B & D and Neutralizing node/tower C enough so you get a percentage lead over enemies by 1-2%. Preferably one, because if the lead is as low as possible, that means the mission will take as long as possible to complete – giving you longest possible time for as many enemies as possible to spawn which in turn results in most possible EXP Gain.

And usually you want to stay for 2 rounds in the mission – should be enough most times to get full EXP on a few weapons you bring with from 0.

When to Loot and Why

You should wait with Looting until the round is completed(!). This is because every time you decide to go on a loot-pickup spree you risk interrupting the enemy spawn timers, by a few seconds, and in the long run this will cost you experience. And to be honest… You’re not really there for the loot… The loot that drops there is nothing special, nothing you wouldn’t get as collateral from a Polymer Bundle farm run anyways if you know what I mean :) If you can get the loot after each round, thats great, if not, it’s definitely not the end of the world :)

Positioning and Where to stand

In Berehynia there is a high-altitude metal platform in the center of the mission environment – you will be next to it when trying to capping B or D (can’t remember exactly which atm). A tip for EV players if you have hard time getting targets close enough to sustain your DPS with energy, is to stand on the Cliff/Rock with quite the sharp peak straight a bit north from the metal platform to get a better overview of the map and 3 of the nodes enemy spawns.

As a Rhino or Buffer you should make sure all are around you on this platform when deploying the buff – if it happens to miss the DPSer but hits everyone else – go out of range from those who have the buff to reapply/recast the buff onto the DPS – of course DPS have to join you out of range from the others in order to accomplish this!

Bonus feature of doing this mission – Reputation/Syndicate standing Gain!

Missions on Berehynia on Sedna awards Massive, and I truly mean Massive(!) Amounts of EXP – and this EXP can also be partially transfered into Syndicate standing if you wear the appropriate sigil so that you can receive :) I reached my daily Max cap from 2 rounds in Berehynia the day of updating this article with this information :)

Other alternatives for EXP Farming in Warframe

Before I tried Berehynia on Sedna for EXP, I got so much EXP from simple productive farm runs with full teams – before it was severely “nerfed” I used to go effective EXP farm runs at Draco which back in the day was the go-to place for EXP and nice Loot while being there. Nowadays I have went to Ophelia on Uranus for Polymer Bundle farming (requires Archwing) as Speed Nova and brought with me new Melee, Secondary and Primary and almost got out of there with level 15+ on all weapons.

I can appreciate farm runs for passive EXP gain if you go as Nekros, Speed Nova or EV, but Berehynia was very effective and I can definitely see it’s appeal after having been introduced to it properly. Berehynia is an amazing mission to do to get “instant-0-30” level up progression for a Forma‘d weapon or warframe.

The beauty of passive EXP farming if you only need EXP on weapons though, is that you also get a lot of valuable and useful resources at the same time. Feels like a Win-Win you know :)

Tips N Tricks for EXP Farming

Remember though, if you equip “none” in say the melee slot- the rest of your stuff will get more EXP since the melee weapon will no longer “drain” the general EXP that you get in missions. This can help focus EXP gain when something already is full level to the places that really need EXP – because for some weird reason Max leveled weapons still take parts of the EXP you get in missions.

The EXP gain system in Warframe is very odd because you seem to get more experience if you DO NOT kill stuff xD There’s something to chew on for ya :P

You can read more about it in bottom of “Resources & Farming” article – check it out for more detailed information :)

Anyways, I wish you best of Luck with the farming Hope it works out – we might update this post later if we have more “conclusive” advice :)

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