FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: How to see mods effect on a warframe?

A: You go to ESC-Equipment-Arsenal-Warframe-Abilities tab. Then to the right you can see stats of the different abilities – and if green means your mods have improved the stats, if red means they “reduced” the stats – to the left under the rank of the ability, you can see energy cost per ability. Try changing your mod-setup to see how it differs in the abilities tab :)

Q: How to Exit missions if bug or you just want out?

A: You simply press ESC on PC and choose Abort mission and you should be able to exit the mission without having to finish it. If bugs occur (which they might in Warframe from time to time) this might save you a few hours :)

Q: What are “nightmare missions”?

A: Nightmare missions are missions that give a rare or good reward in exchange for a requirement of you to complete the mission with a specific restriction or “handicap” – such as “no shields”, “reduced health” or other. Usually says what handicap when you are about to start the mission node if you hover over it.

Q: How to see what resources drop on what planet?

A: You go to ESC-Navigation then you select a specific planet you are curious about what drops there, then look in the bottom-right corner and there is a circle with an “extractor” icon, hover this and you will be able to see resources that drops for the planet. Note though that “guranteed” resources such as oxium and cryotic might not be listed – because these are not classified as “farming resources” since they are guaranteed. But you should know that Cryotic is given from any excavation mission and oxium always drop from oxium ospreys in corpus missions if your destroy them before they crash into you or a wall :)

Q: What are ciphers?

A: Ciphers can be crafted by purchasing blueprint in market and is a consumable to equip to your “gear” and will gurantee an instant hack if you got some equipped in missions – really useful for Spy missions for example, or rescue missions. Save up for 250k credits and you can build 10 ciphers at once(!) – this is what you want, because you will use a lot of them, trust me :P

Q: What is the difference between a “prime” and a regular piece of equipment?

A: Prime equipment are the “improved version” and always have higher base-stats such as armor, health, shields and energy for warframes, weapons have higher damage and all primes tend to have more polarties which allow for “stronger” mod-setups.

Q: What is “channeling”?

A: Channeling is energy-empowering your melee attacking by default clicking left mouse-button. There also are mods to further empower this way of melee combat by making it more efficient, or increasing its overall damage dealt. SeeĀ http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Melee_2.0 for more info :)

Q: How do I know what nodes are unlocked, and not?

A: White highlighted nodes are the ones you’ve finished, whilst turqoise colored blinking nodes are the ones not yet finished.

Q: How to view mission progress while in mission?

A: There are 2 ways of doing this, one is pressing TAB key to get quick overview, to scroll in loot list though, other way may be prefered – pressing ESC-View Mission Progress (or pressing P) will fix this.

Q: How to get more colors to customize equipment?

A: you can buy it in market under tab Equipment-Color palettes for platinum.

Q: Where to farm the Vauban warframe?

A: Vauban warframe component blueprints is randomly available via Event Alerts only. And requires quite a bit of oxium to craft once you have them all.

Q: Where to farm Nitain Extracts?

A: Nitain Extract’s are almost exclusively available via Event Alerts same as Vauban parts. Usually you can get a maximum I’ve ever gotten was 3 per day if I was very lucky. Can be found on lua exterminate as well as some other missions – but have below 2% drop chance… better to just get them from alerts :) And count yourself very lucky if you get one some other way :)

Q: How to change your “profile icon” in Warframe?

A: How go to ESC-Profile-Glyphs and there you can select those icons that are freely available, or pay platinum for a new one.

Q: Why can’t I trade my (crafted) prime parts?

A: If you have crafted the prime parts they belong to you, and cannot be traded, then that ship has sailed. The only thing about prime parts you can trade is the Blueprints.

Q: How to buy more weapon and warframe slots?

A: You can do this 2 ways, either you will up your current warframe and weapon slots, then when you try to collect a new weapon or warframe from the foundry, you get asked if you would like to buy more slots I think it’s 12 plat for 2x weapon slots, 20 for 1x warframe slots.

The alternative is to go into ESC-Equipment-Inventory and there you can see a big “+” on the Warframe and Weapon slot after the ones you’ve used already – click it to buy more slots – sadly platinum is always required to buy more slots. There are however certain weapons that you get that brings with them their very own weapon slot freeing you from having to buy a new slot for that weapon.

Another smart thing you can do which is free of plat to release/free up more warframe and weapon slots, is to get a weapon to level 30 (or a warframe) and then when you decide you don’t want or need it because maybe you feel you didn’t like it or whatever, then you can simply go into Inventory again, delete or Sell this weapon/warframe and free up a slot for it.

Q: Why do I stop getting energy in missions?

A: Perhaps you are in a farm run and have been standing still for a while – it’s an Anti-AFK measure from the developers of warframe – you usually have to move around more to get energy again.

Q: Can you sell Resources to other players?

A: No, you cannot sadly.

Q: What are “air support charges” and do I need them?

A: You don’t really need them and they are a way of calling down “air support” from your ship when in missions – different ships give different air support – you can read more about it in my article “must-have gear & consumables”.

Q: How to switch back my camera-angle to the other side (right or left)?

A: Default keybind on PC for this is “H” – it will switch side of your camera angle in Warframe.