Hacking in Warframe

Hacking in Warframe

Hacking in Warframe is essential to get through missions, there is a logic to the hacking process and the low-level ones are usually quite effortless. However once you reach highest levels of encryptions to hack, they may prove a challenge. The goal of this article is to offer some insight and possibly guidance as to how you easier can go about completing these encryptions.

There are 2 types of encryptions to hack – Corpus, and Grineer. The Corpus hacks relies on logical pattern recognition, whilst the grineer relies on reflexes, reaction time and timing.

I will show examples of both types of high-level hacks and describe how the process will happen, and how you can best adapt to completing it somewhat easily.

High-level Corpus Encryptions

Error’s while solving the encryption are sometiems inevitable, and have the consequence of increasing the timer’s speed of running out – but is usually no problem.

I personally prefer Corpus encryptions, since there is a pattern to follow to guarantee success by using process of elimination. I will show below:

High-level Corpus cipher
High-level Corpus cipher

The Corpus encryptions are made up of different pads with various amounts of “branches:

In lack of a picture of a 1-branch pad – I improvised the last one a bit – hopefully you get the point ;P

All branches must connect to other branches – no single branch can be left WITHOUT a connection!

Anyhow – as you can see these are the 3 pads that are most important to solving Corpus encryptions. You want to focus the outer layer first ALWAYS! And Focus the 3-branch pads FIRST. Take the 2-branch ones SECOND and LAST the 1-branch one. Have them all point in-towards the center.

Once 3-branch, 2-branch all point toward the center, there is only 1 possible way to point the 1-branch to make the puzzle “fit”.

After this its a matter of spinning the Center pad as much as needed for the entire puzzle to come together :) As Simple as that :P

The first particular example picture is from a very easy version of the higher leveled Corpus Encryptions, which doesn’t require a lot of tactics, just flip all in the outer layer first, then turn the center one until its complete. Should go fairly quickly. The numbers is the order I myself completed it, but it doesn’t really matter in this case.

However sometimes you get Higher level corpus encryptions which have 1 single branch instead of 3-branches and 2-branches in the outer layer where above described tactics might be necessary to solve it the fastest.

High-level Grineer Encryptions

Relies on rythm a lot, timing and reaction time.

Basically you have to time pressing “SPACEBAR” (on PC) when a needle passes over certain lock-cylinders – all need to be selected (sometimes at higher levels the needle might change direction of rotation) – it rotates like a clock but very sped up – to make it even more difficult! And most times the longer you take – the higher the velocity will increase for the rotating needle!

Medium Level grineer encryption
Medium Level grineer encryption
High level grineer encryption
High level grineer encryption

Ciphers a guaranteed way of instant-hack (almost) any encryption

Crafting ciphers can be done by obtaining blueprint from market – mind you it might be quite expensive though, but the blueprint is infinitely re-usable.

Ciphers will instant-hack any encryption EXCEPT a few chosen ones – such as the ones that is found within Sortie missions – to not make it too easy :P

To instant-use Ciphers if you have crafted and equipped them to your Gear slots – on PC you should be able to instant-use it by pressing the Y-button by default I believe. Check out Keybinds otherwise :)

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