Must-have Gear & Consumables

Must-have Gear & Consumables

I personally always bring with me Synthesis Scanners, Large Team Heal Restore, Large Team Energy refills, Ciphers, Medium Team Ammo refill, Air Support, Archwing Launcher (plains of Eidolon) and Fishing rod (plains of Eidolon) and some Helpers/spectres for good measure :)

And for those of you who don’t know Gear can be organized and added items to in Arsenal – and in missions you can access the “gear tab” by pressing Q on PC.

Synthesis Scanners

This gear/consumable can be obtained from Cephalon Simaris and he can usually be found in Relay stations (its usually quite cheap to get).

Synthesis Scanners can be temporarily equipped via your gear slot to scan various targets or even be used to see through walls in missions. Usually it’s used to scan targets for Cephalon Simaris when earning standing with his syndicate. Basically the missions to earn standing with Cephalon Simaris is about scanning enemy targets for the AI’s database/collection (the Simulacrum).

Cephalon Fragments – unlock lore and storyline in Warframe to progress through the game

Synthesis Scanners can also be used to scan so called “Cephalon Fragments” which are the blue digitized light cubes you sometimes can find in missions – see image below:

Cephalon Fragment in Warframe
Cephalon Fragment in Warframe (image borrowed from Warframe wiki)

These cubes usually exist in a specific amount throughout planets and require a certain amount of scans (over several missions)- and spawn somewhat randomly. And if scanned, usually unlock storyline and/or audio transmission/artwork (for ship decoration) or the like. Sometimes these cubes are also a requirement to complete Junctions and progress through to other planets.

According to Warframe wiki there is sometimes a “hidden point” on these Cephalon Fragments which will unlock a short audio transmission. These cubes will also be outlined on your mini-map if in close proximity.

Codex Scanners

Codex scanners are much similar to Synthesis Scanners in function and purpose, it’s a device that is used to scan objects and targets to add the scanned targets information to a players “Codex” which can be accessed through your landing craft/ via a segment/hub behind the navigation segment to the left (opposite side of market).

When using Codex Scanners targets that show up in green means targets that have not yet been scanned previously, and if they have been scanned the Codex Scanner will let you know by a soft beep and a message on the screen.

Nugget of wisdom: Apprently – even if mission is failed, you will get to keep whatever you have scanned during the mission according to


Ciphers are one of my personal favorite Gear and Consumables, it is used to guarantee an instant-hack of any hacking puzzle (even the high level ones in most cases). There are however some exceptions to this – some missions block use of Ciphers (Sorties and Nightmare missions), so it’s still necessary to know how to hack all types of encryptions.

You can buy two types of blueprints for Ciphers, one that crafts 1 Cipher at a time, and another that crafts 10x Ciphers simultaneously (this is the one I have and prefer since you might end up using quite a bit of Ciphers which makes this the most effective option). Do note though that the 1x Cipher blueprint is the cheapest one and the 10x Cipher blueprint will cost you 250’000 Credits. So better start saving :D

Once obtained from Market, crafting 10x Ciphers will cost you 3’600 Ferrite, 3’600 Nano Spores and 9’000 Credits and it will take 1 minute to finish crafting.

Nugget of wisdom (that even I didn’t know before writing this): Apparently it turns out you can quick-use Ciphers by pressing the Y-button in Warframe on PC!

If it turns out the Y-button on PC doesn’t work for you – I bet you can go into Settings for the game and Keybinds to locate usage of Cipher and assign whatever hotkey you prefer :)!

Large Team Heal Restore

This consumable refills yours and your allies life points/health points in missions quite effectively and can be obtained from either Steel Meridian or New Loka for 25k standing and requires rank 3 within the syndicate. You craft it 10 at a time and the blueprints stays forever once obtained first time.

Large Team Energy Restore

Same deal as with Large Team Heal Restore but instead of Health being restored, its energy (very useful in lack of a Trinity in the team :) )

Medium Team Ammo Restore

Same deal for this as with the two other restores above, except refills ammunition – very useful if you got a lot of fire-rate mods on your weapon and your Ammo mutation mod feels insufficient.

I use Medium of this because I personally have Cephalon Suda, Arbiters of Hexis and Steel Meridian with 100k standing each, and I cannot be arsed to “re-specc” my syndicates just to obtain the blueprint for the Large one since all I ever have needed was the Medium one – which blueprint you can get from the Chem Lab in Clan Dojo. But if you have the time to climb all the way through other syndicates and feel you really badly need the Large one, go for it :D

Update 14/1-18: Have now gotten the Large Team Ammo Restore by re-speccing syndicates to Red Veil – if you ever want to try re-speccing syndicates to a opposing faction, my advice is to have TONS of syndicate standing with your current ones – I had 100k+ with both Arbiters of Hexis as well as Cephalon Sudathis way there is little- to no chance to lose your current Ranks with Cephalon Suda or Arbiters of Hexis whilst climbing in Red Veil a few ranks that is necessary for Large Team Ammo Restore. Feels good having done it myself now ;) I also ended up getting some much wanted parts for Archwing Weapons from Red Veil in the process which was quite nice truth be told ^^.

Air Support charges

Blueprint for these is automatically available in foundry and it adapts with whatever landing craft you are using (mantis, scimitar, liset or xiphos) – it adapts in the way that it does different things depending on whichever landing craft you are using to missions and these charges send down support of specific kind based on your ship to you in your missions if you have it equipped as gear and use it in a mission.

Quoted from this is what it does for each ship:

Liset: Ordis will Override security, sending a beacon that disables lockdowns, resets alarms, and disables security cameras.

Mantis: Ordis will deploy a Med Tower (which resembles a Life Support Capsule). It will heal the player for 100 health on each activation and may be activated up to 25 times by any player in the squad.

Scimitar: Ordis will launch an Air Strike, sending Carpet Bombs crashing around the player, each dealing 25 damage.

Xiphos: Ordis will launch a sentry turret which fires on nearby hostiles.

In all fairness even though I have a few of these always equipped, I rarely ever use them, I never really feel the need to to be honest :P But I mention it nonetheless in case any of you are curious and wishes to try them out :)

Archwing launcher (PoE)

The Archwing launcher is quite handy in Plains of Eidolon since it summons your archwing where you stand (have to walk into the beacon to get it) and you can use your regular weapons for it AND do super cool 360 loops xD

But the main point of this is to travel across the plains in haste!

The Archwing Launcher can only be obtained by first getting the Archwing Launcher segment blueprint from the Tenno Lab in a Clan Dojo and it requires Mastery Rank 5 to craft.

Once the blueprint for the Archwing Launcher segment has been finished researching, you have to craft the segment before it can be installed into your ship. This is a quite expensive process and will cost you: 100’00 Credits, 50 Grokdrul (PoE resource), 50 Iradite (PoE resource) and 1200 Oxium(!).

Once the Archwing Launcher segment has been finished crafting (takes 12 hours), you can then install it into the ship which will add the Archwing Launcher Gear blueprint into the Foundry.

Going forward every time you want to craft Archwing Launcher consumables/gear you will get 50 charges each time, but each crafting process will cost you: 50 Iradite, 50 Grokdrul and 30 Fish oil together with some circuits and 7.5k credits. It will take 30 seconds to craft the 50 Archwing Launcher charges).

One charge will be consumed once the Archwing Launcher has been called upon to summon the Archwing ONCE in Plains of Eidolon (Don’t forget to add Archwing Launchers to your gear slots before entering Plains of Eidolon if you have crafted it and want to try it out ;P).

Fishing Spear (PoE)

I’m guessing you already know what this does – if not – you can fish with it in Plains of Eidolon :P

Fish is required to be turned into resources required for the Archwing launcher (Fish oil) ;)

Fishing spear in Warframe can be obtained in Cetus on Earth from Hai-Luk once you have earned enough standing with the Ostron syndicate. Can be done by doing their missions they hand out to the right before reaching the gateway to enter Plains of Eidolon on Cetus.


Sometimes you will get blueprints to craft corpus units, infested healer units, grineer rolling balls, corpus drones, or other – these are what I call “Helpers”. These can after having been crafted, be summoned in a mission to aid you and your team in your efforts. Personally I think Drones and Infested healers are the most useful ones :) The drones give shields and the healers heal everyone :)

Spectres on the other hand, are Computer controlled (AI) allied warframes which you can craft to be consumables. You can usually customize yourself which warframe and weapons a specific spectre should have be assigning them a certain Loadout you have put together. Now personally I never really use this, have tried it at some single occasion but found it to be way to much of a hassle to use compared to how much I needed it (which is never so far). But I’m sure that in some hard missions this might be a good way to strenghthen your efforts to defeat a tough boss or similar in lack of actual real-life teammates.

It was such a long time ago I tested this out so I don’t know how good the AI being used to control these spectres are, but as far as I can tell from all the runs I’ve done throughout my 1200+ hours in Warframe – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually use this spectre concept effectively in actual missions. Feel free to comment and let me know if I’m wrong or if you have personal experience of when this actually is necessary :)

Blueprints for Spectres can usually be obtained from completing Rescue missions. Different spectre types can be awarded depending on what node of Rescue mission you play and how many “points” you collected. Points are determined based upon these factors: In total 3 points can be awarded, 1 point for rescuing the target, 1 point for NOT triggering the Execution sequence in the process and 1 point for killing all the Wardens (according to warframe wiki).

The Spectres obtained from Syndicates are what I refered to above as “Helpers” just to clarify. There is even one spectre (Corrupted Bombard) obtainable from The Void Trader.

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