Extractors and Passive Resource farming in Warframe

Extractors and Passive Resource farming in Warframe

Alright, so I figured I’d talk a little about “Extractors” which you may- or may not have seen in the game. Extractors can collect resources for you passively from planets where you have unlocked all missions and there are 2 types of Extractors you can craft and use that we will focus on in this article.

Titan Extractor

The first one is Titan Extractor – it’s the most common type of Extractor, and blueprint to craft this can be obtained from market for 50’000 credits. Once blueprint has been purchased from market you can re-use it infinite number of times.

To craft a Titan Extractor you are going to need 500 Polymer Bundles, 300 Ferrite and 10’000 credits PER Extractor – crafting time is 6 hours.

Deploying this Extractor to collect resources will focus on collecting the more “common” resources for the planet and will take 4 hours to complete one extraction-session.

Titan Extractor has 75.5% chance of collecting Common resources, whilst it has 22% chance to collect Uncommon resources and 2% chance of collecting Rare resources.

This Extractor I personally deploy to look for Salvage, Nano Spores and similar common resources :)

Distilling Extractor

The Distilling Extractor’s blueprint can also be obtained from market for same amount of credits – 50’000, but crafting it is a bit more expensive: 50’000 credits, 1’000 Polymer Bundles AND 150 Oxium PER Extractor. Crafting time is the same- 6 hours.

Distilling Extractor is different from the Titan Extractor in it’s increased chance of collecting Uncommon and Rare Resources from a planet – BUT it takes 8(!) hours instead of 4 hours to collect them compared to Titan that only took 4 hours.

It has 30% chance of collecting Common Resources, whilst a 65%(!) chance of collecting Uncommon Resources, and 5% chance of collecting Rare Resources from a planet.

I personally deploy this one to look for Neurodes, Argon, Polymer, Plastids and the like.

How to Deploy

You first have to purchase the blueprint from market obviously for the Extractor you wish to craft, then once finished it can easily be deployed to any planet with all nodes unlocked – by going to the circle in bottom left corner of the screen for a planet where the planets resources can be seen, there will be a panel saying something like: “deploy extractor”, clicking here will start the extraction process for that planet with the chosen extractor.

Once it’s done you will be able to retrieve the collected resources on the same place as where you deployed it on the interface on the screen.

Limitation of Extractors

There is a limit to how many Extractors one can deploy simultaneously, otherwise this would be way too strong :P

Mastery Rank of 0-4 can deploy 1 Extractor.

Mastery Rank of 5-9 get to deploy 2 Extractors.

Mastery Rank of 10+ can deploy 3 Extractors.

Having Prime Access gives +1 Extractor and having Founder status gives +1 Extractor as well.


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