About us

About us

We are experienced- and veteran- players with good insight of the game Warframe and good game knowledge of how to do most things in the most efficient way possible.

We have had, and still have a passion for this game and have been invested in it from the very beginning when Excalibur Prime was still available and the parkour system was buggy and underwhelming to say the least. But we stuck with it because we already at that time, felt the potential this game had, and the exciting journey it had to look forward to Рas did we :)

In the many occasions where I personally have helped new players in the game, there is a lot of questions that needs to be answered, a good thing with the Warframe community is that you can almost always count on someone being there to help you out. The Warframe community is simply put- Amazing, especially compared to many other games.

For most new players these questions will lead to endless Google searches and research having to be done in order to be able to know what to do or how to do it. This is because there really is soo much that you can do in Warframe, its quite insane if you think about everything in detail. So therefore this website will collectively hold articles of game knowledge that can help new- as well as experienced players in their journey through Warframe. We will also try to optimize the way in which you can find information you are looking for on this website via the page’s search function for example, or Google for that matter :)

– When I started out in this game and really commited to progressing, I made it my mission to find out everything I needed to know to get through this game, its missions and all of its challenges in the most efficient way possible, and for most things, I have accomplished this. And I have now reached the point where I feel all thats left for me to do is to share this knowledge and experience with other players since this is what gives me most joy in Warframe lately. Do what others did for me when I was starting out, only difference is we will be doing it on a grander scale ;)

We will in various articles cover topics such as: Farming spots for various resources, mission types and how to easily and efficiently get through them, syndicates, credits vs platinum, tips and tricks, weapons and warframes, mods and builds, mastery rank, general game knowledge, and much more(!). We will even appreciate our readers to get involved and email us suggestions of what we should investigate/put on the website if there are advice that we might have missed or simply weren’t aware of.

We might even offer in-game mentorship as well as Clan membership so we can aid you further in-game. And this way we could journey through Warframe together :) This game is most fun when played together with other players- trust me, I know :P

Now, some of you might wonder how this website is different from Warframe.wikia.com? Well the thing is- we are going to base a lot of our articles and data on warframe.wikia.com, but we will write it in our own words and we will make it less “wiki-like” and more concise and impactful to get what you need when you need it without having to read through tons of in the moment irrelevant related information like how it sometimes can feel like when reading up on something on a wiki page.