Must-have Weapons in Warframe

Must-have Weapons in Warframe

  • Primary:
    • (Telos) Boltor (prime) –  mastery rank 2 required(!)
      • Strong puncture rifle, good vs. Heavy armor enemy units like Grineer or Void.
      • Boltor prime is currently being “vaulted” which means it cannot be farmed anymore.
      • Telos Boltor can be obtained from: Arbiters of Hexis syndicate for 125k(!) standing (or trade with other players).
    • Soma (prime)mastery rank 6 required(!)
      • Good rapid-fire crit rifle with massive magazine of 200 ammo(!).
    • Ignis – mastery rank 4 required(!)
      • Best beam rifle (in my opinion) – good range, beam width and damage.
      • Very good to drain corpus shields when modded Gas and magnetic, or melting infested.
      • Obtained from: Chem lab, Clan Dojo.
    • (Synoid) simulor – mastery rank of 12 required(!)
      • One of strongest elemental weapons in Warframe, it can adapt damage to 3 elemental combo types(!) (regular weapons can do 2 max).
      • Synoid Simulor can be obtained from: Cephalon Suda syndicate for 125k(!) standing (or trade with other players).
    • (Vaykor) Hek – mastery rank of 4 required(!)
      • Strong and effective shotgun (there is a syndicate mod to make regular Hek even stronger).
      • Vaykor Hek can be obtained from: Steel meridian syndicate for 125k(!) standing (or trade with other players).
    • Amprex – mastery rank 5 required(!)
      • Nice electric crit beam rifle.
      • Obtained from: Energy lab, Clan Dojo.
  • Secondary:
    • Atomos – mastery rank 4 required(!)
      • “Bouncing” beam weapon.
    • Hikou (prime) – mastery rank 2 required(!)
      • Fast throwing stars with lots of damage and noneexistent reload-speed (its instantaneous).
    • (Telos) Akbolto – mastery rank 0 required
      • Strong puncture pistols with good syndicate AoE damage effect.
      • Telos Akbolto can be obtained from: Arbiters of Hexis syndicate for 100k standing.
    • Stug –  mastery rank 2 required(!)
      • Fun corrosive weapon – melts through armored units(!), literally.
    • Azima – mastery rank 5 required(!)
      • Nice huge-magazine rapid-fire dual pistols.
      • Comes with its own Weapon slot and Pre-installed Orokin catalyst(!).
      • Obtained from: “Daily tribute”/login-reward – after having logged in 100 days.
  • Melee:
    • Galatine (prime)mastery rank 3 required(!)
      • Massive sword with good damage and nice stance mods to go with it.
    • Nikana (prime)mastery rank 4 required(!)
      • Good crit melee.
    • War mastery rank 10 required(!)
      • A rare heavy sword with Massive Impact damage(!).
      • Obtained from: This has a rare chance of being dropped from Shadow Stalker or it can be bought for 516(!) platinum in market as part of a “bundle”.

The parts in parentheses () is the upgraded versions that you want to have when you can get them – all upgraded versions have increased base-stats and are stronger than the regular versions.

OBS: If “Obtained from:” is not listed, that means can be obtained from market(!).

Note: More weapons might be added in future as we keep trying weapons out or get tips from readers to complement this list- but for the moment, these are the ones we have done extensive testing on (especially the primarys).

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