Resources & Farming in Warframe

Resources & Farming in Warframe

Here I will post some farming spots me and the Clan have discovered to have been quite favorable for various purposes such as: Neural Sensor, Salvage, Neurode, Polymer Bundle, Plastids, Argon crystal, Oxium, Nano spores farm and more.

Argon Crystals farming

Safe bet for Argon Crystals is to visit the Void – I just went there to the lvl 20-25 Survival (Ani) as Pilfering Swarm Hydroid with my duration+strength build and used charged tentacle swarm for maximum amount of tentacles as well as damage, and used Large squad energy restores to keep it together when energy orbs were scarce in the beginning. Went together with a +65% dmg buff Rhino, a non-max rank Nekros (nekros had Drop chance booster) and a rank 1 trinity – got 5 argons in the first 10 minutes, 13 total after 40min – and it was only at 40min it got really tough for us!

It is said though that Exterminate on Void basically guarantees ONE Argon crystal per mission – make sure to look out for Argon caches to destroy on the map and see if this works for you :) Of all the times I went it personally only 1 time was without Argon Crystal.

Circuit farming

Circuits usually have quite high drop-rate on all missions on the planets where they drop – try a survival on Venus.

Control Module farming

Perhaps try a Survival on Europa with proper farm setup. Or missions on Neptune.

Cryotic farming

Sometimes you are going to need a lot of cryotic to craft things, and this resource is not distinctly listed on the planetary chart, this is because resources listed are only “farming resources” and cryotic is not counted to these since it’s a guaranteed reward from every completed Excavation drill on excavation missions.

My advice for farming cryotic is to find the lowest-level excavation mission available, go there and stay with a Frost preferbly and good weapons for 2’000-2’500 cryotics per runhave 2 excavators running simultaneously if possible from 0-2’000 cryotic – should be fairly manageable with decent warframes and weapons. Tikal on Earth is the mission I myself farm cryotic on, good chance for Neurodes and rubedo dropping here as well. After 2k cryotic, it might be best to stick with 1 excavator at a time though because of enemy levels and spawn rates etc.

Detonite Injector farming

Detonite Injector farming is most efficiently farmed via Invasion alerts – where it’s best if you can find an alert that rewards 2-3 detonite injectors per alert mission (has to be participated in 3 times to get the reward).

Can be crafted one at a time from a blueprint you can find in Clan dojo, but it requires quite large amounts of resources and take a lot of time per Detonite Injector to finish crafting – but might be helpful to speed along the process parallell with farming Detonite Injectors from Invasion Alerts.

Ferrite farming

Go mercury survival with proper farm setup or alone, you should get plenty I think :)

Fieldron farming

Fieldrons can be farmed from Invasion alerts same way Mutagen masses and Detonite Injectors can be. They can also be crafted from a blueprint obtained from Clan Dojo same way Mutagen masses and Detonite Injectors can. And for Fieldrons I find Invasion alert farming usually most effective since most alerts often have 2-3 Fieldrons as a reward for completion of mission.

Fieldron Sample farming

Try Mars perhaps, survival with proper farm setup? Think it’s a fairly common resource :) Or Venus.

Gallium farming

Gallium is a nice side-bonus of farming @ Ophelia, Uranus. Usually get quite a lot of it there. Otherwise try Survival or similar on Mars perhaps with proper farm setup.

NOTE: Opehlia, Uranus requires Archwing to do it!

Kuva farming

I have learned from one of my favorite warframe youtubers N00bShowtek that there are two missions for Kuva farming – Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood. The difference between the two is that the Kuva Flood missions is more Kuva with higher risk since enemies will be levels 80-100.

Kuva can be farmed on planets where Kuva Fortress is closeby and by completing a sort of “ritual” vs. specific enemies, with the help of the Operators abilities and can only be farmed after completion of the quest: War Within.

Check out N00bShowtek’s youtube clip to truly understand and learn how to farm it if this interests you :) See below:

The one time I needed Kuva for crafting Harrow I got lucky and got about 6’000 from completing a Sortie Mission :) So never really had to farm it with operator on Kuva Fortress “infused” missions myself – so this is an alternative way of getting it for sure! :)

Morphics farming

Go a survival on Mercury OR Survival on Mars (we went there with a semi-proper farm setup consistent of: Pilfdroid and Nekros + one other clan member to increase enemy numbers. And it dropped 50 morphics within 15-20 minutes – Nekros wasn’t even fully leveled so we didn’t even have his full +54% drop chance bonus).

For quick morphics you can also try Ara on Mars, and smash containers, if you’re lucky you might get 2-6 in 5min-ish.

Mutagen Mass farming

Mutagen masses can be crafted from a blueprint that can be obtained in biolab (I think) in clan dojo, but requires quite high amounts of resources to complete, and can only be done one at a time – personally I prefer to farm these Mutagen Masses as well from Invasion Alertssame as the Detonite Injectors.

Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates

These are used to farm the warframe Mesa and can only be obtained via farming Invasion alerts of specific types – OR if purchasing them for platinum on

Nano Spores farming

Nano Spores is one of those resources that just kind of “come to you” when you are farming other stuff. Missions that drop it exist on Neptune, Orokin Derelict, Saturn, Eris (beware the high levels here though).

Survivals with proper farm setup is usually a strong contender :) I kind of like Orokin Derelict Defense for this personally :)

Bring Pilfdroid and Nekros for that juicy +154% additional drop chance boost + possibly Booster for additional bonus drops.

Neural Sensor farming

For “quick” Neural Sensors I usually bring a speed volt and rush through Alad V on Themisto, Jupiter. He usually have high drop-rate of 1-2 Neural Sensors per run and they go fairly quickly. Here you can find my volt speed build.

If you on the other hand got a proper farming setup you could probably try Titan on Saturn or Cameira/IO on Jupiter.

Neurode farming

Neurodes are a tricky resource to farm, its very unpredictable but the closest thing to guarantee drop is probably Lua (the moon) which you can access first after having completed the Second Dream Questline, other than that I think Orokin Derelict Assasination is next best “sure” thing which requires keys crafted with Lephantis Nav Coordinates that can be found on other Orokin Derelict missions from caches on the map to craft (helpful to bring cache and container radar mods for warframe and sentinel to help locate all caches and containers).

If you want alternatives, you can actually craft your very own Neurodes – but requires tons of resourcesblueprint can be bought for 100 plat, or you can buy the neurodes for 10 plat each from market if you’re very impatient :P

But you can also find Neurodes for example when farming Cryotic on Tikal, Earth – found quite a few there, when we stayed for 2’000/2’500 cryotics.

Nitain Extract farming

These resources rarely drop on missions (lower than 2% drop chance from specific missions) so the best way of getting them usually is by doing Alerts that pop up randomly – so make sure to keep an eye out for these!

You can also (if not online in Warframe) use the 3rd Party Invasion alert tracker we have a link for in our right column of :)

Orokin cells farming (added 2 sept 2018)

I know quite a few people have requested to have Orokin cell farm spots more “clearly” presented on this page, so here it is – reason why it wasn’t before, was mainly because I listed some pointers for it under “Plastids farming”.

Previously under “Plastids farming” I listed Titan on Saturn as an alternative for “continuous” farming of Orokin cells – not sure how viable this still is since haven’t personally tried it in a while, but I liked to go farm with a proper setup of Pilfering hydroid, nekros and trinity here (+ possibly speed nova) for effective farming of both Orokin cells, as well as Nano spores (which I seemed to constantly run out of due to Large Squad Health, Ammo, Energy resotres for every mission I went into ;P).

If you go Titan on Saturn with proper setup – find a room with a door preferably that you can stand inside of and have the pilfering hydroid place his tentacles just in the doorway or just outside :) If you have access to Large squad energy restores and don’t mind “investing” some- and duration mod-setup for Pilfering hydroid, you could simply bring a Nekros friend and go there just the two of you – however – the more team mates you enter with – the more enemies will spawn!

Alternatives could be bosses on planets where Orokin cell is a droppable resource, or the Orokin Derelict Assassination mission where you kill the Nekros-dropping Lephantis boss – reason why this was not mentioned earlier is due to the fact that it requires you to farm key components in other Orokin Derelict missions from destroying caches in order to craft the Lephantis Nav coordinate (the boss access key) – which also take about 1 hour to craft per piece. And therefore seem a bit ineffective, but in lack of other options, I’ll mention it here nonetheless.

If you have any alternative suggestions you’ve tried and found properly effective for Orokin Cell farming – please feel free to let us know and we will add it to this section of the site ASAP ;)

Oxium farming

UPDATE: 6 sept 2018:

I had a fellow Warframer recently Email me that apparently Galatea on Neptune still works for Oxium farm somewhat – but it has some altered conditions – for example – apparently enemies stop spawning after capturing the target IF you go there as a group! BUT If you go there Solowith a Nekros you should be able to rack up about 1.1k oxium in around 10-15 minute runs. Which still sounds pretty decent to me. He also reported that enemies keep spawning AS LONG AS you KEEP moving! Don’t stay still in one single area when you go there. He also explained only reason for extraction at 10-15 minutes was due to lack of revives/ammo and ammo refills :)

So in conclusion, for all of you out there looking for Oxium, and have access to a decently modded Nekros – try going to Galatea on Neptune SOLO and Move around and see what you get :)!

Thanks again readers for providing helpful information to complement and keep my articles up to date like this – Much appreciated! :)

UPDATE: 2 sept 2018:

This is probably a bit late, but adding now that someone commented that Oxium farm on Galatea, Neptune no longer is viable sadly :( According to Hotfix 23.4.2 apparently. After you capture the target, enemies will stop spawning and you only get 200-300 oxium per run or so it seems. Seems the hotfix was a general Capture mission change as well. So not limited to Galatea Neptune. Personally I think this was a bad call from DE without adding complementary lowered oxium costs for certain warframes to build (Vauban *cough* *cough* :P) The insane amounts of oxium certain items require to craft is madness time-consumption-wise. You should be able to enjoy the game and life as well in my opinion, not have one consume the other ^^ Anyways there you have the updated information!

Oxium farming is by far best done on Galatea, Neptune(!) – where you capture the target, then find a room  (preferably with a door) and have a proper farm setup consisting of Pilfdroid, Nekros, Speed Nova, EV Trinity.

20-30min here can give 3’000+ oxium if done right (without boosters) for a single run!

Plastids farming

Titan on Saturn is nice for lower leveled players – also drop good amounts of Orokin cells and Nano spores/detonite ampules. <- Update 2 sept 2018: See above section on Orokin cell farming.

Update 2 sept 2018: Someone commented that apparently Titan on Saturn, no longer gives good amount of Plastids :/ Haven’t personally had time to test this out yet – but adding it here as an update just in case more people have experienced this to keep the information accurate.

If you’re in need of “quick” 1’000 plastids, you can go in with a team of 1 pilfering swarm hydroid with his own energy refills, find a room with preferbly a door, stand inside of it, have the pilfdroid mod for Strength, neutral range and duration and put tentacle swarm outside the room to get massive amounts of plastids and orokin cells and other juicy stuff :)

Check out Must-have warframe build example article for good Pilfdroid mod-setups :)

Otherwise you can also get plenty of Plastids from Ophelia, Uranus (requires Archwing) – there also drops Gallium, detonite ampules, Tellerium, Oberon/Ash blueprints (rare) and Polymer Bundles.

20min in Ophelia, Uranus give around 3’000-4’000 plastids with proper setup.

Polymer Bundle farming

Ophelia, Uranus, best by far! 20min usually results in around 8’000(!) or more with proper farm setup (Pilfdroid, Speed Nova, EV Trinity, Nekros) – also get good plastids here and gallium, telerium and detonite ampules (says below next headline as well).

Rubedo farming

Go Survival on Phobos probably one of the better bets since quite low level, you probably get a ton there :) (got about 1.5k without boosters or hydroid/nekros for 27min on a phobos survival being 2 people only in the team) Try Stickney.

Salvage farming

I have found Salvage farming so far to be quite good at IO, Jupiter – here you can also get Neural Sensors if lucky as well as Oxium (even if not that much of it).

If you want an alternative, bring a proper farming setup and go to a survival missions with farily low-level enemies on a planet that drops Salvage, for example Elara on Jupiter or Wahiba on Mars. Find room with door or some place to stand with the setup to just have the Salvage rain in :P

Tellerium farming

As I wrote in the section above, Tellerium can be easily found at Ophelia on Uranus – does require Archwing though – but Tellerium is basically an Archwing resource so it makes sense :)

It can also be found on various archwing missions – but beware – it’s a massive hassle to collect loot in those missions, partly because its hard to spot the loot and also it’s very hard to distinguish one type of loot from another in archwing missions making it very hard to identify tellerium specifically.

Credit farming

Quick Credit runs on Gabii @ Ceres

Credit farming can be done in a few ways, my personal preference is to either do “speed-runs” through Gabii on Ceres for approx. 28’000 credits per 5min (exract at 5) – bring ignis or atomos modded with blast corrosive to melt everything :P

New addition: This tip comes from Pure Onesti‘s via comments (2018/04/10). Apparently with credit booster you can go for a quick 1 excavator run on Hieracon on Pluto, to receive about 48k in around 3 minutes time (if you fill an excavator up with power cells to 100% before it have time to pause, it finishes in 100 seconds, and each excavator appears on minimap every 30 seconds) for those of you who perhaps happen to have a credit booster for one reason or the other and are in need of some quick cash and want an alternative way of getting it than Gabii @ ceres. So Thank you Pure Onesti for this tip :)

Credit farming in The Index @ Nef Anyo on Neptune

If you are considerieng The Index for credit farming, you might want to put together a team to reach the goal easier and be more efficient. And if it’s your first time doing it – you might have to try it out a few times before finding a good “combination” of warframe and weapons to complete it somewhat effortlessly :) Try to leave points every 3+ points so you extend timer – it will be extended by 10 seconds per point (points are green and glowing and dropped from killing enemies in The Index arena). I believe easiest option with highest reward is to choose the Medium option and you will get around 195’000 credits for ca. 8min time (or so I’ve been told). You can find The Index on Neptune – beware though, farming credits here requires credits to initiate the mission (60’000 I believe for the Medium option).

When it comes to strong warframes and weapons in here – tons of damage is prefered on weapons – Vaykor Hek with good mods as well as other strong weapons.

I haven’t tried this yet – but since it’s a Corpus arena, I believe Impact and Magnetic/Gas modded weaponry might serve very efficient. As for warframe – one with CC (crowd control) might be helpful, or tanky to survive their attempts to kill you. Not sure if Mag’s shield disruption is useful here or not – try and let me know :P

Chroma Credit Farming on Dark Sector Survival missions

Another option for Credit Farming that I personally used to love when it was a thing back in the day (not as much anymore it seems since Index – sadly) but that takes a bit of time to setup is Chroma Credit farming which also requires Nekros, Speed Nova and EV trinity for good result. Another possible setup would be 2x Chroma + Secura Lecta (gives double credit drops it seems – not sure exactly how yet though since there seem to be false advertisement on the mod itself in-game while players have reported different result than what is being stated for the weapon) and a Nekros + EV Trinity for additional drops and infinite Energy.

I can’t quite remember exactly what mission node I usually go to for this – but I believe I choose a lower-level Dark Sector Survival node (check links in sidebar for all possible DSS missions) and find a Pillar to stand on while you place the Effigy (Chroma ultimate) below the pillar. I am not sure if Higher-level enemies drop higher base amount of credits – and if so Eris, Zabala might be good map to go to with the Double Chroma setup and have it modded for Strength and efficiency and some duration (mine has 80% duration) and range is not that important.

Chroma is the perfect credit farming warframe if you want to stay long time in a mission to get credits by killing stuff – as well as perhaps other resources. This is because Chroma’s Ultimate ability (4) has 60% credit chance as well as 100% credit bonus as long as the ultimate (effigy) is the one doing the killing – and its quite easy since most Dark Sector Survivals are Infested enemies – you simply put red energy color on your chroma and he gets Heat damage which melts all infested :) its very good!

NOTE: Technically while Effigy/the ultimate is active it increases credits income by 60%. I do however believe this is for yourself exclusively. But having the Effigy kill all enemies give additional credit drops for rest of your teammates.

Endo farming

For farming endo I would recommend doing Excavation/defense/survivals – where you go for relic farm (hieracon), there usually is good chance of Endo dropping – it also drops randomly in missions – and I believe bringing along Nekros + Pilfering Swarm hydroid might even boost Endo drops – couple this with speed nova and frost to guard excavator if on excavation might speed up the process. Other than this – do the weekly Ayatan sculpture missions, get your statues, enhance them with Ayatan stars picked up from cache drops in missions (destroy caches and open lockers you might get lucky and get random statues as well from this!).


Various ways of EXP farming

Passive EXP gain + additional resource in Farm runs

I personally prefer to farm XP while being the “passive” party member in a farm group – say for example Nekros, Trinity, Speed Nova or Buffer. This is because the EXP System of warframe is strange in the way that people NOT KILLING stuff, get more EXP for weapons and such than the person actually doing the killing. Good thing to remember :)

If you are like me and like to swat 2 flies in 1 blow, you go a “passive” warframe to farming group, bring with you all weapons you want to level.

Berehynia on Sedna for Fastest EXP Farming in Warframe

But most people usually go to Berehynia on Sedna for “Proper” EXP Farming it seems, it’s what they type “Ber(e)” in Recruit chat if you ever happen to stumble upon that.

Level up Low-level warframes in Berehynia

For this you could go as the “leech” in Berehynia, Sedna, which means you are neither Buffer/Speed Nova, nor EV Trinity nor DPS but simple a “fill player” to increase amount of enemies while “leeching” of the EXP given on the mission – this is known as “leech” in the game. And as most of you probably are thinking “leech” is not the most positive of terms, and it might not be as appreciated or attractive by other players if someone wants to or “goes” as it in Berehynia on Sedna, well the thing is players that want to be “leech” usually take it upon themselves to organize the group for the mission – this way giving them the power of choosing whatever they want to play without having anyone be able to complain about it basically :) So if you want to try and “leech” to power-level warframe in Berehynia on Sedna, try organizing your own party for the mission :) The only downside of “leechers” is that a lot of players that don’t know what to do in Berehynia go this position because they have heard thats how you do it – for those people I recommend studying up a bit on the type of mission you are signing up for to make the experience a bit more pleasant for the fellow players you enter with in your team.

That is one way of doing it, probably the way most people do it – just like in the good old days of Draco where this was standard way of Leveling up warframes as quickly as possible.

Check out my EXP farming article for more information about how to do Berehynia on Sedna for fastest EXP gain possible!

Hydron on Sedna for “easier”/less effort EXP farming in Warframe

There is an alternative to Berehynia on Sedna though which requires less “tweaking” and “proper setup” which is Hydron Defense on Sedna. If you prefer a quick-to-setup and simpler way of EXP farming, go to Hydron on Sedna, with a DPS warframe such as RJ excalibur, Banshee, Saryn, Equinox or other – with max range and good ability strength, and bring with you good efficiency and/or coupled with Trinity or energy packs and some random people to fill the party up to full (More group members = more enemies spawning = more EXP when killed).

Still think Berehynia is more effective, but since it’s interception it requires a bit more “finesse” than simple defense mission. Usually you want to go one DPS, one EV Trinity, one Buffer/Speed Nova and a Random to Berehynia on Sedna – the DPS need to be able to cover wide ranges – 62m+ (245% ability range or more have been tested and confirmed working).

Alternative way of Leveling Low-level warframes

Personally, I from time to time like me some action, so I bring with me a Low-level warframe modded mostly for survivability and a good Melee weapon with stance equipped together with Pressure point/Reach/Fury/Crit mods/base damage empowering mods (slash etc.)/elemental (heat(+/- cold for blast)) to make it strong enough to be able to deal with Gabii @ ceres Infested for 30-40minutes, and I stay there with my low-level warframe just melee battling everything around me – sometimes bring low-level weapons with me as well. This can end up giving warframe 15-20 levels + 3 different low-level weapons 15-20 levels each for 1 single run :) Which I think is pretty decent as an alternative :P Alternative to this could be Apollo on Mercury if you stay long enough (grineer is easier to fight at higher levels than infested).

Focus farming

To start out we will explain a bit how to get Focus points. First you need to have completed “The Second Dream quest” which will unlock new features in the game to not spoil too much of the story :P

Once this quest is completed players can start earning Focus Points by equipping Focus Lenses of various Focus tree schools to either a weapon or a warframe. By doing so, this lens will convert 1.25% of affinity earned by that weapon or warframe into Focus points. So it’s good if you equip the lens to a weapon or warframe you are going to do the majority of the killing with so that this particular warframe or weapon is the one collecting EXP and thereby also Focus points.

There also are so called “Greater Focus Lenses” that instead converts 1.75% of affinity into Focus Points which makes you earn it a bit faster.

There is a daily cap of 250’000 Focus points in the game.

For all of you interested in farming focus my best advice would be to equip a focus lens to a DPS warframe, and go to Berehynia on Sedna and you will get your daily cap of focus points in no time(!) :)

Fish oil farming

Fish oil is what you get in various amounts of chopping up fish you caught in Plains of Eidolon with your Fishing Spear.

Amounts of Fish oil you get vary with type of fish you caught as well as with their sizes, there is a great table depicting how much Fish oil you get from what size fish at Warframe wiki.

If you haven’t yet fished in Plains of Eidolon I provide you with a link to learning how to do so on the Warframe wiki.

Grokdrul farming

Grokdrul works the same way as Iradite in that it gives larger amounts of the resource – the higher level on the Ostron mission for which you entered the Plains of Eidolon.

In contrast to Iradite that could be found in Red-glowing rock formations on the ground, Grokdrul is yellow crystals that drop from Caches and containers usually found in enemy camps around Plains of Eidolon.

grokdrul drum in Plains of Eidolon
grokdrul drum in Plains of Eidolon

Iradite farming

Iradite is a resource found on the Plains of Eidolon (PoE), and is required to craft among other things – the Archwing Launcher.

Iradite is a red gemstone that can be found in the Plains open-world environment on the ground – and the amount of Iradite you find by smashing the red-glowing rock formation which contains Iradite will depend on what level-range the Ostron mission you entered the plains to do is at. I spent an entire night farming on the lowest-level Ostron mission before realizing that is how it actually works :/ But I learned my lesson and can now hopefully help you guys efficiently farm Iradite by running around the Plains on “higher-level” Ostron missions to get the Iradite you need quickly :)

(Tier 5 bounty give 5 resources per location, Tier 1 bounty give 1)

Iradite on Plains of Eidolon - Glowing red rockformation
Iradite on Plains of Eidolon – Glowing red rockformation


Maprico farming

Maprico is another of the resources you can find in Plains of Eidolon, it is an orange fruit that can be looted from tree-like bushes around the plains. Again – the higher level bounty/mission you’re doing, the larger amount of resources you will be getting per tree/bush.

maprico tree plains of eidolon
maprico tree plains of eidolon

For a more “thorough” walkthrough of how to farm the Plains of Eidolon resources, I found this great Youtube vid you can check out below:

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17 thoughts on “Resources & Farming in Warframe

  1. I think it should be mentioned that doing Hieracon one excavator with a credot booster is 48k in 3ish minutes when you get it down. Just something to add :).

    1. Hi mate :) Thanks for your feedback, I didn’t know this since I rarely ever use credit boosters myself due to the ease of credit farming nowadays with The Index, and the fact that it costs 40 platinum (minimum) to purchase the cheapest credit booster (I don’t think I’ve ever really needed credits that badly myself :P), but it sure seem like a viable option for the times daily login reward is a limited-time credit booster. So I will probably add it in the near future as an alternative for sure :) Thanks again for your input :D

    2. Your information have now been added to the article: Resources & Farming under Credit farming section :) Thanks again!

  2. Hello, apparently Galatea stops spawning enemies after a while, do you know any other missions for oxium farming?
    Also Titan on saturn apparently yields mediocre plastids recently.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for commenting, I have no knowledge of this that Galatea stops spawning enemies after a while, I’ll have to look into it, might be that they changed it (haven’t been active in a bit in Warframe truth be told), IO on jupiter some people went for Oxium farming back in the day if I remember correctly – although when I tried this, it was very underwhelming compared to Galatea — you sure you tried it as I wrote down? Kill capture target, find a room and just wait there with team setup?
      They might have changed Titan on Saturn as well, another thing I’ll have to look into further and if I find out they changed both of these missions, I’ll make sure to update the articles. Thank you for letting me know! Much appreciated :D

    2. Added your concerns about reduced plastids from Titan on Saturn under “Plastids farming” in Resources & Farming :) Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Ah Hi there, hehe, hadn’t thought of it truth be told, but I did write under “Plastids” – that Titan on Saturn tend to drop quite a bit of Orokin Cells as well with proper farming setup.
      But you are right in that I haven’t made a *separate* section for it, I will consider doing so :) Not sure if there are other viable farm spots for Orokin cells, but I have also noticed that a few bosses seem to almost guarantee drops of Orokin Cells – Nekros boss I think is one with good drop rate – although might not be worth since quite the pain to get keys for him.
      Unless they’ve changed Titan on Saturn lately with the drop rates for Orokin Cells, maybe it’s worth trying out :)

  3. Sorry guys, the Oxium farm on Neptune doesn’t work anymore. After capturing the target, enemies will stop spawning and I now get 200-300 per run. Need to find a new way to get Oxium.

    Hotfix 23.4.2
    Capture Mission Changes:
    Capture Targets now have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds, upon which Lotus will now alert you that you’re running out of time to capture the Target. Capture missions had become an unofficial Endless mission with the tactic of leaving the Target squirming on the ground for hours while players dealt with the never-ending horde of enemies. The Bleedout timer has been added as a countermeasure to fix the unintended Endless Capture missions.

    1. Thank you for this insight, I’ve not had the time for neither this site or warframe of late unfortunately, but I will edit the article to include your helpful insight – if this is Okay with you ofc :)! Much appreciated! And how sad that they changed it.. as if oxium wasn’t hard enough to find already :(

  4. For anyone looking for Mutagen Sample, there are 2 decent options available, that I have found.

    1) Solo – Orokin Derelict Survival (ODS) using either a Pilfering Hydroid or Nekros. Using a Hydroid, I will find a location to camp and let the enemies come to me; however, if I notice the spawn rate drop then there is typically a kavat, or two, that are fighting with the infested and I need to take care of them, then find a new location to camp. Using a Nekros, I just move around the map to any location that I can find enemies. ODS will typically yield around 24 Mutagen Sample per 20 minutes without any boosters.

    2) Group – Orokin Derelict Defense (ODD) using a Nekros, Speed Nova and two Pilfering Hydroids that camp at the cryopod. Both of the Hydroids spawn their tentacles at the cryopod, without using Undertow, as this will get enemies in a greater radius. Nekros is there to Desecrate the corpses for more loot and the Nova helps to rush all of the enemies to the tentacles quicker. Once the tentacles have ensnared an enemy then they can be killed; however, it is required that they are first grabbed by one prior to killing them. ODD will yield at least 75 Mutagen Sample for a 20 wave mission without any boosters.
    I have found that standing on the pillars for non-Nekros group members is a good way to reduce the effects of any of the leech enemies that drain your energy.

    Using any of the boosters and a Smeeta Kavat will typically yield more results.

    I have tried ODD solo using both Hydroid and Nekros, both of which have a drastically reduced Mutagen Sample rate compared to ODS, with Nekros yielding an even lower amount than Hydroid at ODD. Both yield a similar amount at ODS, making the only difference camping versus running around the map.

    As a side note, I have been getting quite a few Forma blueprints for the wave 20 reward from ODD, making it a relatively decent place to pick those up too.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your input – Reason why this is not in the article is due to me deeming the need to farm it not overwhelming, besides most reasons for farming it used to be to get the Mutagen Masses, which can be far more efficiently farmed (I believe) by doing Invasion Alert missions to gain up to 3 mutagen masses per 3-time invasion alert mission that take maybe.. only a few minutes – depending on the nature of the mission type of course. Maybe it’s my personal preference, but seing as how crafting 1 Mutagen Mass requires 10x Mutagen Samples, and you say you get 75 approx. in 20ish waves (which takes a lot of time to wait around for I think), where you can get 3 Mutagen Masses (30 samples worth) by simply doing 1 Invasion Alert (3 missions of same type) :) I am however aware that doing the Invasion alerts also requires a bit of patience to “wait out” the Invasions before you get the rewards – a.k.a. the Mutagen Masses – so if you want something more direct – then farming OD-missions is quite a nice alternative, however, crafting Mutagen Masses also takes about 12 hours to complete for 1 Mutagen Mass. But it’s good to diversify the means of which we use to obtain these resources! I know for a fact that constantly doing the exact same type of missions, say Invasion Alert missions, can bore even the best of us out of our skulls, so having some alternatives can be very nifty for sure! :) Thanks again for your thoughts, feedback and helpful insights!

      1. The reason why I personally was farming Mutagen Sample is for the Hema research in the dojo. I’m aware that most players will not encounter the desire to farm for it; however, by you posting my comment above it will allow anyone interested in trying to unlock that item a method of getting this resource. I also know that the Hema can be purchased from the market using platinum, so that too is an option for those looking for that item.

        1. Ah I see :) Yeah I didn’t think of farming for Hema at all :P So good of you pointing it out :)

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