What to use Platinum on/for and why?

What to use Platinum on/for and why?

To start off this article collection for all of you devoted enthusiastic Warframe players, we are going to start with two related questions many new players might have, namely: What is Platinum? and What to use it on/for and why?

What is Platinum in Warframe?

Platinum is an alternate in-game currency in Warframe that you only get a limited amount of when you start out in the game (starting amount cannot be used for trading). With this currency players can then purchase: weapons, warframes, cosmetics and all kinds of different things that might be needed (or wanted) during the journey through the game.

This particular currency in the game is special in the way that one way of obtaining it, is by purchasing the currency from the game developers in exchange for real-life currencies(!).

What to use Platinum on/for – and why?

I personally Don’t recommend new players to spend their Platinum on Warframes or Weapons from Market. Or to buy Resources and Cosmetics for that matter! (in the introductory phases of the game at least).

After having played over 1200(!) hours of Warframe, I can say with certainty that new players should focus on using their platinum for trading with other players to get items that can help progress faster through the game, they should also consider buying “extra slots” for warframes and weapons for their platinum – maybe. Useful things like this, that benefits and helps new players become stronger, faster in the game.

The reason for this is as follows – Platinum will almost only be available to you when starting out Warframe by purchasing the in-game currency for real-life currency until a player reaches high enough level to go farm prime parts, or “special” mods (corrupted for example), or are lucky enough to loot a good mod that actually is worth something in terms of Platinum for other players. And unless you’ve got 50% or higher discount on Platinum purchase (this is sometimes a daily login reward) and/or got more than enough money in real-life for it, I don’t recommend buying platinum for real-life money.

In conclusion: Use your Platinum wisely–¬†for useful and benefitial things that will help you progress through the game Faster(!).

One way to earn free and guaranteed platinum in warframe

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