What are Sorties- How to do them and Why

What are Sorties- How to do them and Why

Sorties are a form of high-level daily missions that becomes available after having completed the quest: “The War Within”. Only level 30 warframes can be used during these missions, and there usually are a few “conditions” on each of the three parts of the Sortie mission.

How to do them?

Bring a level 30 – decently strong warframe and good weapons – read up on what the different parts of the Sortie is – one part might be Spy making it smarter to go Stealth warframe (mind you Ciphers are not available to use in Sorties).

Go Public to make it easier – much harder to do these alone usually.

Sometimes there are conditions such as “No shields”, Only melee weapon etc. on mission – if so, it will mention this when about to select the Sortie part-mission you wish to do in the navigation panel.

Why do Sorties?

Sortie can be completed once per day – and it usually have a quite nice reward-table of the following rewards:

  • Ayatan Anasa Sculpture
  • Riven Mod
  • 6000x Kuva
  • 4000 Endo
  • 3-day booster
  • Exilus Adapter
  • Forma
  • Orokin Catalyst BP
  • Orokin Reactor BP
  • Legendary Core – Rarest of rewards

You can only get one of these rewards from completing the Sortie mission for the day – and I have segmented the list in what chance of getting them you have – so Sculpture and Riven mod is easiest sharing similar “drop chance”. After that Kuva, Endo and Booster – then Exilus, Forma, Catalyst, Reactor and Lastly Legendary core, in Difficulty to get.


If you are decently modded got good equipment, and end up in a good group for Sortie – these mission may take about 15-20 minutes max – might be worth-while investment of the day since the Rewards are quite nice :)

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