Boosters in Warframe Explained

Boosters in Warframe Explained

This article aims to shed some light onto a sort-of vague chapter of Warframe, namely: Boosters.

Booster types and what they each do

There are 4 different types of Boosters in Warframe:

  • Affinity Booster
  • Credit Booster
  • Resource Drop Chance Booster
  • Resource Booster

Affinity Booster

Affinity Boosters DOUBLE the amount of Affinity (Experience) earned from pickups and mission rewards.

This booster ALSO affects Syndicate standing earning AS WELL AS Focus point earning(!).

Credit Booster

Credit Boosters DOUBLE the amount of Credits earned from Pickups, Caches AND mission rewards(!) (including for example Dark Sector mission credit rewards).

The Credit Booster only apply to the person with the booster.

Resource Drop Chance Booster

The Resource Drop Chance Booster DOUBLES the CHANCE of resource drops – AND is Applied for THE ENTIRE team(!) :)

Resource Booster

Resource Booster DOUBLES AMOUNT of Resources earned from pickups.

Affects only the player that has it.

“Mission rewards” explained

By mission rewards I think everything that is rewarded from completing a mission is included – including the looted credits from slain enemies for example and affinity earned from killing enemies as well (I think).

How to get Boosters?

Sometimes they are given as reward for certain types of events, mission or the like, otherwise you buy them from market in exchange for Platinum.

Sometimes when the Void Trader arrives – he might bring with him (3-day) Affinity/Credit/Resource boosters to purchase from him in exchange for ducats and credits as well (Affinity booster is 450 ducats + 200k credits, Credit Booster is 350 ducats + 75k credits, Resource Booster is 400 ducats + 150k credits).

Opening lockers in missions can sometimes drop 30min or 1hour variants of Affinity Booster or Credit Booster.


All Booster cost 40 plat for 3 days duration, 80 plat for 7 days duration and 200 plat for a 30 days duration.


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