Clan & Membership

Clan & Membership

We who are publishing the content for this website are also leaders of the clan Knights 0f bl00d0ath on Warframe.

We are a small clan (shadow clan) with close to 30 members at the time I’m writing this, we have all labs, most research done, working on the rest, and we have veteran experienced high-level players who like to help new players in the game. We are a casual clan currently expanding.

Founder of the clan: ZzxBGxzZ

Founder is mastery rank 10 (almost 11 at time of this writing), he has standing with arbiters of hexis (2 ranks away from max) and cephalon suda (1 rank away from max).

He has the following warframes: Frost, Rhino prime, Ash prime, Loki prime, Excalibur, Chroma, Nekros (soon prime version), Titania, Harrow, Octavia and Nidus.

And he can do 98% of all nodes on all planets.

General of the clan: Frag5terZer0

The general of the clan is highest syndicate rank with: Steel Meridian, Cephalon Suda and Arbiters of Hexis (good to know for what augmentation mods he can help get clan members).

Currently mastery rank 20. Got all frames and got all the useful mod builds for the farming warframes (hydroid, nova, nekros, trinity, chroma as well as buffers).

Can do any mission currently available in warframe and got 99% of all nodes on all planets completed (good to know for Taxi’s).