How to get Infested Wardog Helminth Charger pet in Warframe

How to get Infested Wardog Helminth Charger pet in Warframe

Alright so I’m sure some of you are curious about an infested wardog pet you might have heard about, called: Helminth Charger.

What is Helminth Charger?

Basically it is a really cool infested Kubrow that looks cool and got some really cool combat abilities :) And it deals toxin damage ontop of decent amount of Slash damage.

How to get Helminth Charger in Warframe

Helminth Charger can only be obtained after having interacted with an entity called “Helminth” which is a being residing in your shipthe infested room to the left of the Operator chamber (and apparently is responsible for biological functions of the ship).

Helminth and the infested room can only be accessed after completing “The Glast Gambit” Questline!

After the quest is complete and you as a player can gain access to this room on the ship, and have interacted with Helminth you will get a virus which will appear as a pink cyst on your neck of the warframe you’re using. You can also be infected by other players having been in touch with Helminth, and it will take 24 hours after infection to see this pink cyst.

Once you see it, it will take it 6 days to fully mature – to see its full maturity it will have a single “leg” or tendril be visible coming straight out of the cyst – while you have reached this stage of the infection, you can try and “begin incubation” of another kubrow – and it will offer a new option to incubate a so called “Helminth charger” in the far bottom – click this to start the incubation process.

More details can be found at :)

It’s a really cool pet to have, and it goes really well together with your Nidus if you’re a stickler for harmony and all of that :P

Enjoy ^^

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One thought on “How to get Infested Wardog Helminth Charger pet in Warframe

  1. Looks like as of 2/13/2020 the being called Helminth is no longer on your ship. After completing the required quest and having been infected which by the way is the only way to gain access to the room as frame not infected are not allowed entry. You will no longer get the option to make the charger at the incubator. Guess they removed the pet from being able to create one now.

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