Prime part farming with Relics, Void traces, Fissures and Reactants in Warframe

Prime part farming with Relics, Void traces, Fissures and Reactants in Warframe

Prime part farming is one of the most attractive activities on Warframe, due to the chance of getting improved equipment or alternatively very valuable equipment for those who rather have platinum “for free”.

So what are the different things? Maybe you already know everything about this, maybe you don’t either way we are going to walk you through it in this article.


Relics are the replacements of the previous “Void key” system, for all of you veteran Warframe players, but with a small tweak to them compared to how “void keys” used to work.

Relics exist in 4 different categories: Axi, Lith, Neo and Mesa – why there are four categories, I’m honestly not sure because all types of relics basically do the same thing – but I guess this way it separates them… somehow, I don’t know.

Where to get Relics

Relics can be gotten as reward from Intercept missions, Excavation missions or Defense/Survival missions mostly. Relics are very popular Rotation A rewards meaning every 2 first rotations usually have a high chance of dropping relics (Rotations for these mission types usually are: A,A,B,C – for example survival: 5min = A, 10min = A, 15min = B, 20min = C).

Use Relics in Fissure missions – equip before mission start to “unlock” within mission

When going to fissure missions where prime parts are to be farmed, you are asked if you wish to select a relic for the mission, if you don’t and do a fissure mission alone, you CANNOT get a prime part as reward for the mission.

If you are part of a team and other teammates have relics with them, you can choose rewards from their relics when the mission is completed (you still have to submit your own relic though to be eligible to parttake of your teammates loots after mission completion).

Use Void Traces to “Boost” Drop chance of all items contained within Relic

Every relic contains prime parts and have different chances of dropping different items it contains – to boost these chances however one can use so called “Void Traces” to boost the general drop chance of all items contained within the relic.

Find out what specific relics contain

To find out what items are contained within the various Relics you can go to the Relic segment of your landing craft (spaceship)- and if you don’t yet have the Relic segment you can get it from completing the junction at earth that leads to Mars. When you do have this segment installed in your ship, you can go into it and review as well as REFINE different relics. With reviewing them I mean go to a relic, select it, look on the right side for parts contained within the relic and its drop chances in progress bars representing 0-100%.

Void Traces

That brings us to “Void Traces”, what are they and how do we get them?

How to get Void Traces

Void Traces are rewarded from completing “fissure missions”, which will be explained a bit later. Anyhow – the amount of Void Traces you get from each fissure mission varies and is affected by whether or not someone (if you are in one) on your team chose the reward from your relic.

Void Traces from alerts

Void Traces can also be awarded from completing certain alert missions.

Using Void Traces to “Refine” Relics to generally increase its drop chances of all contained items

Void Traces can then be used to “Refine”/upgrade a relic in 3 possible stages thereby increasing its drop chances for the prime parts contained within it.

Refining a relic to “Exceptional” requires/costsĀ 25 Void Traces, “Flawless” requires/costs 50 Void Traces and Radiant (RAD) requires/costsĀ 100 Void Traces.

Check out if you’re interested in knowing exact percentage increases for the drop rate and other things concerning void relics.


Reactants is an in-game exclusive drop resource for Fissure missions that is required to be collected 10 per mission in order to be eligible to receive prime part on your relic.

They drop from the corrupted in-game enemies and have a distinct yellow-ish glow as well as waypointer which makes them hard to miss.

So basically keep killing them corrupted yellow-glowing enemy units until you have collected your 10 reactants to be able to receive reward from a relic on mission completion.


We already touched a bit on fissures earlier in this article, but basically Fissures are the “new void missions” where you go to farm prime parts. The types of fissure missions are in constant rotation and can be found via the Navigational panel of navigation segment of your ship (top-right).

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