Cephalon Simaris – potentially attractive syndicate with good rewards

Cephalon Simaris – potentially attractive syndicate with good rewards

Cephalon Simaris is an underappreciated and underestimated “in-official” Syndicate faction in Warframe – which even I, until recently had simply ignored due to it’s somewhat boring nature in which you find yourself earning standing with it.

Cephalon Simaris is basically Ultron from Avengers or Doctor Radcliffe from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. if anyone ever seen any of those superhero movies/tv-shows, in the way that he is a Super computer obsessed with scanning all organic living beings into his “register”. You earn standing by helping him do this with technology he providesSynthesis Scanners (similar to- yet a bit different from Codex Scanners) and Kinetic Siphon traps.

Daily Syndicate standing missions

Cephalon Simaris offers a Daily standing mission where you have to search for a specific type of enemy of a set amount of encounters, where you need to track the synthesis target with the Synthesis Scanner which will reveal a trail leading to the target on a map where Cephalon Simaris announces that the target has been detected and then trap the synthesis target using Kinetic Siphon traps to make it easier for you to use the Synthesis scanner to scan the highlighted dots on its body. Where to find the enemies Cephalon Simaris wants you to scan can usually be easily looked up either on the Warframe forums – players helping players, or the Warframe wiki.

Limited by Max Cap syndicate standing shared with other “real” factions

Other than this – standing earned is shared as part of the Daily max cap for Syndicate standing that can be earned, that is based on your mastery rank +1 (I believe). So for example mastery rank 8 can receive syndicate standing of 9k per day or so I think.

This means that when you have scanned tons of targets for Cephalon Simaris and still want some standing with one of your other “main syndicates” – you might not get it. So plan your days and your farming of standing accordingly.

Why earn standing for Cephalon Simaris?

Once you have taken a look at what rewards Cephalon Simaris have to offer, you will probably want to scan targets all day if you could, some of the mods he can offer (Health Conversion and Energy Conversion for example) are worth up to 50-60 plat per piece – they do however require a nifty total amount of 100k standing in order to purchase 1 single of these mods.

He also offers quite an amazing feature of Warframe which is known as the Key to Simulacrum – once obtained, this key gives you (and your invitees I believe) access to an Enemy battle simulator – where you can simulate battle with the enemies you have scanned into Cephalon Simaris register (or so I think it works anyways) and set what level you wish them to be – if you ever seen a youtube clip of for example N00bShowtek – you can sometimes see him demonstrating damage done with specific weapon mod setups in Simulacrum environment against simulation enemy targets that he, himself had chosen.

The weapons Simulor and Heliocor is also offered as rewards in exchange for 75k standing – but still – it’s additional 6k mastery rank points I’m not 100% sure you can get anywhere else.

Another reward that is being offered is the Looter mod which is equipped to a Carrier sentinel so that it in turn can destroy loot crates within 17 meters (if maxed). This mod also, cost 75k standing.

Oh and he also offers Exilus adapters for 50k standing :)

So there definitely are some nice rewards to get from this “in-official syndicate” :) Well worth checking out! Not sure it’s worth making a priority though.

How to enter Simulacrum Enemy simulator once key is obtained?

When you enter the room in which Cephalon Simaris resides (The sanctuary) right when you come in through the door to your left, there is a blue lightcube you can interact with – once you have the key you can access this as it is Simulacrum :) The enemy simulator. Once inside, you can access a control panel to decide what type of enemies you would like and what level they should be (level of enemies you can choose is based on mastery rank).

How to enter simulacrum
How to enter simulacrum

Where to find Cephalon Simaris

So where do we find this guy then? Well usually on Relay Stations and the option to ESC>Fast travel can usually get you there fastest – it’s the guy where you also can do practice Mastery Rank up tests.

I usually go to Larunda Relay on Mercury to find him :)

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