How to upgrade Equipment in Warframe

How to upgrade Equipment in Warframe

Alright, this article will walk you through all the ways in which you can upgrade equipment in the game – Orokin catalyst, Orokin Reactors, Exilus adapters, and briefly touch upon Formas. We will exclude modding from this article since there will be another article written titled “Mods & Modding” which will be devoted to extensively walk you through these things.

Orokin Reactor

Orokin reactor is an item that can be obtained as reward for certain missions or alerts.

After it has been crafted it can be attached to a warframe, archwing or companion to “supercharge” it, giving the warframe, archwing or companion DOUBLE mod capacity.

These components are “must-have’s” to make your warframe stronger and are so important that as a higher-level player you will find yourself spending 20 platinum on Orokin Reactors if they are in short supply to expedite the upgrading process if you “cannot”/won’t wait for it to be reward from missions.

Orokin Catalyst

This component is much like Orokin Reactor in that it supercharges and DOUBLE’s mod capacity – only difference is it does this for Weapons instead.

Orokin catalysts blueprint can be obtained same way as Orokin Reactor – from certain types of missions, or by purchasing it for 20 platinum (worth it if you don’t have and want to have fast).

Exilus adapter

Exilus adapters are components that “unlock” an otherwise locked mod-slot for warframes (the one next to aura mod slot top-right corner). But unlocking it doesn’t make it moddable with any mod – but only to so called “exilus mods”. Exilus mods can however be placed in regular mod slots as well.

And the unlocked new Exilus mod slot for your warframe work like regular mod slot when it comes to polarities and can also be Formad.

Exilus adapters are popular Quest rewards and can also be bought for 20 plat, same as Orokin Reactor and Catalyst.

Some Exilus mods available increase Ability strength, range and even duration, which makes Exilus mod slot highly attractive to get unlocked if you want to max your stats on your warframe.


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