Guide to (Best 3rd party external trading platform for Warframe players)

Guide to (Best 3rd party external trading platform for Warframe players)

Alright so is a must to have if you are a player in Warframe, basically what you do is you sync up your Warframe account with their website by confirming your in-game nickname by typing a message to a forum bot. After your nickname is verified you can get started earning plat with no effort whatsoever :)

Start entering orders for your marketplace

You add “orders” on the Marketplace tab at the bottom left by entering item name, quantity (if a mod they ask for its rank) and what price you wish to sell it for. Once completed it will be officially published to the trading platform and you can review your post as well as edit them under the “My Orders”-tab.

Let people know that you are online in-game and available to trade

At the bottom of the pages of you will find a “switch” with offline/online, switch this to online when you’re ready in-game to receive trades and messages. Because how the system works is your orders will be published amongst everbody else for that same item name and if someone enters and searches that particular item, and see your in-game nick as seller for it – they will either PM/message you in-game or on the site (if on the site message will sound a notification noise as well as popup in your marketplace inbox called “messages”).

Good advice – Check prices before publishing orders!

Before you post an order – go to’s marketplace and search for the item to find out what the current prices that are published are, that way you can adapt your price after the current market and economy of the game as well as to your own preferences.

What to do once order has been successfully sold?

It’s important to “remove” the order of a sales item once it has been successfully sold so people don’t message you- asking about buying the already sold item – because trust me, this can easily get annoying really fast :P

You do this by going to “My Orders” and pressing the green “Sold” button – this way (I think) can track how much sales you have properly completed and how much platinum you have earned from sales.

Tips N Tricks for – avoid Lags

Sometimes if you have completed multiple executive searches on you might experience a bit of “search-lag”, I found that switching from “Marketplace” tab to “My Orders” sometimes seem to have a “resetting”-effect on this issue. Try it, see if this works for you maybe if you got similar problems from time to time, because laggy searches are very time consuming.


Now all that remains players is to go forth, and Trade vigorously, and get rich doing it! :D


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