Fighting High-level enemies in Warframe (level 100+)

Fighting High-level enemies in Warframe (level 100+)

So some of you might be curious to know how to fight against higher leveled enemies such as level 100+. Well the thing is, as enemies increase in level – they have a few stats which highten their survivability that always scales up – such as Armor and Shields mostly – but also other stats.

Status effects get more important as enemies scale

Base elemental damage don’t scale well into “late-game” when enemies grow higher in level – instead it would be wiser to focus on getting the Status effect proc chance higher so it occurs more often since this is a good way of targeting specifically what scales with the enemies levels – shields, armor, etc. for various elemental (and or combo) damage types.

Corrupted enemies scaling in level

To deal with Higher-level Corrupted enemies it’s usually a safe bet to mod weapons for Corrosive + Cold – to deal with both the High-armor units as well as Shield-units that Corrupted tend to get when they reach higher level.

Corpus enemies scaling in level

Every factions high-level enemies get harder in different ways – Corpus become abnoxius thanks to Nullifer units that practically make all abilities useless, as well as the infinite and massive shields they get. Modding for Magnetic and Gas is usually a solid way of dealing with Corpus high-level enemies – and here Status effects are just as important as for any other high-level enemy.

Grineer enemies scaling in level

To deal with grineer you definitely want to get Corrosive to reduce their armor since this grows mostly for Grineer, and then Blast or heat with high status chance might be good to proc the status effect faster which can held crowd control enemies a bit which might come in handy.

Some claim Radiation and Viral is best vs. Grineer enemies – well it might be good against them since status effect of radiation is confusion and making the grineer attack their own kind, and viral directly targets health- reducing it to half(!).

Try it and see what you think :)

Infested enemies scaling in level

The most annoying thing about infested enemy units scaling into high-level is the Ancients since all other units becomes virtually unkillable as long as the ancients live – so try and target the ancients first always. And also here try to focus on the status effect and/or crit with Blast + Corrosive (Corrosive is +75% effective vs. Ancients). Pure Heat may actually be more effective vs. infested since it deals +50% damage to Infested flesh while blast doesn’t. But on the other hand – Blast is +50% effective vs. Ancients.


Crits quite effective vs. Higher leveled enemies

Thanks to Orange and Red crits damage increase – crits can be very effective vs. high-level enemy units – for example N00bSh0wtek on youtube not too long ago made a video about Euphona Prime and its Red Crits being able to one shot LVL 145 Corrupted Heavy Gunner, which is quite nice.

For melee weapons crit might be a safe bet together with some elemental modding targeting the specific enemy faction.


Fighting higher-leveled enemies is a bit of a trial-and-error process – after a while you start to understand what works best where :)


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